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Hardwick Community TV Meeting Minutes ~ October 28, 2021

Called to Order by at 7:12. Present Kurt Bos, Jim Kelty, Michael Gray (Chair), Rip Keller, Leif Goldberg (Station Director) and Rachel Kane (recording secretary for 10/28) . Absent: Wiz Dow and Robin Grant.

Minutes of the 7/28/21 meeting approved with corrections. Motion to accept by Rachel Kane, second Kurt Bos.

Profit and Loss Report.

The station has had better than expected income, due to increased underwriting. Comcast income was up slightly. Coin drop and donations income was 1073.36. Leif will make the usual request for appropriation in 2022 of 3000$ from Hardwick, and 750$ from Woodbury. In 2020, HCTV received a grant of 11,000$ as part of covid-19 response, which we decided should be dispensed directly as ‘Community Creative’ grants to local filmmakers, to support the creative community. Motion to accept by Rachel Kane, second Kurt Bos.

Balance Sheet.

The report numbers were not precisely up-to-date for the day of the meeting, due to slow communication from the bookkeeper. We continue to search for a new bookkeeper. Leif will send the directors an email with hours and specific duties of the bookkeeper, so we can ask around for leads. Motion to accept by Rachel Kane, second Kurt Bos.

Budget for 2022

Average yearly expenses are 32,000. Discussion of the idea of keeping two years worth of money on hand, and extra money could go to an ongoing ‘creative fund’. (At a July 14, 2021 meeting out of 10 applicants, we settled on awarding the following: Elizabeth Rossano 2500$, Meredith Holch 4000$, Rip Keller 3060$ and Roy MacNeil 2340$ = total 11,900$). Discussion of having a public presentation of the work created by the grantees in May/June of this year, combined with a fundraising element, and to open the Community Creative Grant to new applications. Currently HCTV has had all our videos since 2013 hosted by Vimeo, and we have about reached the limit of space we can get for $400 per year. The directors agree that increasing the capacity of Vimeo is important, and agree to the increased level of $600 per year. We also have our videos on Youtube, and will keep it, for we use that service for our livestream events. Motion to accept by Kurt Bos, seconded by Rip Keller.

Station Report by Leif

Soccer season has been busy, we’ve covered 9 of 12 games, as the weather permitted. In August the Vid-Kids program went well, with 6 kids taking part, including some new faces. They did some editing too. HCTV is now a sponsor of WGDR/WGDH, and our ad is associated with the weekly show ReLocalizing Vermont. It cost $600 per year, and Lance Hall recorded the ad. A new high school student has been coming in to learn video editing. The Creative Community grantees have been advanced 50% of their grant amounts. Jim Kelty has been covering Hardwick Electric meetings. Leif announces that he would like to step down as station director, it has been 9 years, and he’s ready for a change. The directors accept this announcement with sadness but understanding. Leif will write up a job overview, and the directors will meet to discuss next steps in hiring a new director. Meeting Adjourned approx. 8:30.

HCTV Board Minutes: July 28, 2021

HCTV Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Wiz, Kurt, Leif, Mike, Robin, Jim, Rachel
Absent: Rip
Visitors: None

Minutes: No corrections or additions. motion to approve: Kurt. Robin 2nd. Unanimous.
P&L: Nothing to pay attention to. Discussed why the PEG money is going up and the
projection that it will go down in the foreseeable future. Motion to approve: Robin. Second: Kurt.
Balance Sheet: All in order. Robin had a few questions about equipment. Motion to approve: Robin.
Second: Kurt. Unanimous.
Station Report: Leif reported that the coin drop yielded $905.11.
Baseball was a great success with 2 announcers. James Salvas as the play caller and
Lance Hall did color commentary. All home games.
Live soccer – can be done, but Leif has concerns about how many viewers it will draw.
And the weather frequently doesn’t cooperate. Not concerned about sponsorships.
Leif still has openings for the Vid-Kids workshop and will do more recruiting.
Leif reported on new equipment he has acquired – JVC 4K cam, new tripod bags – and
indicated he’s looking a new editing equipment – used IMAC.
Leif has been having trouble getting access to the HED meetings. The HED has now
decided to move their meetings to the Memorial Building.
Grant fund recipients have been notified. Rip Keller, Elizabeth ?, Meredith ?, Roy
MacNeil. We decided to distribute the money in two chunks expecting a summary of expenses at the
end of the project.
We discussed funding the grant next year. People like the idea, but some concern about
sustainability. We’d like to do some version of it.
We discussed a benefit screening of the results at the Town House for donations to fund
the grant program again.
We discussed hiring Robin for his ideas as B-roll and A-roll time filler.
Leif’s still having trouble reaching our bookkeeper. Rachel provided him a lead


April 29, 2021 AT 7:00 P.M
Via ZOOM video conference
Present: Leif Goldberg, Elizabeth Dow, Rachel Kane, Michael Gray, Robin Grant, Kurt Bos, Rip
Keller, Jim Kelty

President Rachel Kane called the meeting to order at 7:03.
Kurt moved acceptance of the minutes of the 2020 meeting; Rip seconded; unanimous vote to
Leif gave the station report: He signed the contract with Comcast, good to 2028. VAN did the
initial negotiating, and he signed the same contract as other stations, except he further negotiated that
HCTV keep Hazen and the Hardwick Town House as ROS sites.

  • Comcast ended our courtesy phone/internet services, so Leif came up with a faster
    phone/internet plan from Comcast at effectively $50 per month more than our previous
    Hazel is willing to continue as our bookkeeper, but Leif is still looking at local bookkeeping
    The basketball season had the crew covering Hazen Union’s JV and Varsity Hazen games, as
    well as the Middle School home games. The station covered 17 games (2/3 of what we usually cover)
    in a season beginning February 1, making it only ½ as long as usual. The Athletic Director at Hazen
    found us new sponsors. We had 3 people working at each game (camera, announcer, and scorekeeper),
    but because we had three sponsors per game, we made more money than usual; the sponsoring
    basically covered our expenses.
    We will be doing baseball games when the season starts.
    We have a coin drop coming up from 9:30 to noon-ish on June 26 with June 5 as backup.
    Lots of stations around the state want state funding. They have concern about the future of
    broadband in the state. PEG has begun to lobby for legislative awareness of what the station does. Leif
    expressed some concern our relationships with the surrounding communities – towns we work with but
    have no technological connection with. He’s not sure how the push to expand broadband will impact
    the station’s activities. He encouraged the Board to consider how we might hire ourselves out to serve
    them. Rachel endorsed PEG’s efforts to promote the role and importance of the local stations. Rachel
    also requested that Leif continue to cultivate a relationship with neighboring towns.
    Leif asked about whether the station support Rip’s “At home with the Maestro” idea for a series of
    26 programs about music. After much discussion, the Board agreed conceptually that it would like to
    support it, but settled on no specifics.
    Two-year terms – Members of the Board
    Rachel Kane
    Michael Gray
    Kurt Bos
    One-year term
    Jim Kelty
    Robin moved we accept the slate; Michael seconded. Unanimous approval.
    Pres. – Michael Gray
    Vice Pres. – Rip Keller
    Secretary – Elizabeth Dow
    Treasurer – Kurt Bos
    Robin moved; Kurt second; unanimous approval
    Kurt moved adjournment. Rip seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:33

  • Elizabeth H Dow, Secretary

HCTV Board Minutes: April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021 AT 8:30 P.M
Via ZOOM video conference
Present: Leif Goldberg, Elizabeth Dow, Rachel Kane, Michael Gray, Robin Grant, Kurt Bos, Rip
Keller, Jim Kelty

Newly elected President Michael Gray convened the meeting at 8:34

Kurt moved that we approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Rip second;
Rachel asked about what we did with the extra $11,196 COVID money from VAN. Leif
reported that we have not used it. He reported that Rip has ideas for a project, as does Elizabeth
Rossano, and he’s aware of others working on ideas. Leif suggested that we can give stipends for these
people who make videos. We resumed the discussion about Rip’s “Meet the Maestro” project, and we
left it that he come back to us with a specific request.
Unanimous approval of the minutes.
We decided to call a special meeting to discuss how to distribute/spend the COVID money –
May 27. Starting at 6:00.
Robin moved we accept the financial statements. Rachel second. Discussion on some details in
the checking account. Unanimous approval.
Rachel asked about meeting in person. We decided to try the Pavilion at Atkins field for May
Robin moved; Kurt seconded. Unanimous agreement to adjourn at 8:47.
Elizabeth H Dow, Secretary