Volunteering and Training

(View HCTV’s Rules and Regulations in full HERE)

What does it mean to be a volunteer producer at HCTV?

It means you can produce your own shows. We can provide the public with access to our equipment, editing, and training at no cost. Upon successful completion of basic video training, a volunteer can sign an agreement with HCTV. This agreement states that you can use our camera, sound and editing equipment with the understanding that anything you produce must be broadcast on Comcast Cable Channel 16. It is also expected that volunteers help out with an HCTV production (tape a meeting, game, etc.). Although we don’t have a studio production stage, volunteers do have access to the public meeting room on the top floor of the Memorial Building. Volunteer producers maintain full ownership of their productions. HCTV does not offer production services for hire, nor does HCTV produce videos for volunteers.

Are there employment opportunities for trained producers?

While we are always looking for producers to create their own shows or help out with an HCTV production, there are some paid opportunities for fully trained camera operators. We often have events that we need a trained camera person to cover. This could be a perfect opportunity for a high school student looking to earn some extra income. Also, high school students may be eligible to fulfill their community service hours by volunteering at the station.

What does the basic training entail?

We offer a minimum of two days of training to acquaint people with the equipment: video camera, tripod and sound equipment. We will create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) as an exercise using in-camera editing. The goal of the training is for the volunteers to be confident in setting up a shot using the tripod, operating the camera, and recording sound using a variety of microphones. An introduction to non-linear editing and basic post-production will be offered as a follow-up workshop.