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MaskUp For Our Community – PSA – Rusty DeWees

We asked Rusty “The Logger” DeWees, “Who do you wear a mask for?”

The Hardwick Area Neighbor to Neighbor group, established in early April in response to the Covid19 pandemic, committed to ensuring that every resident who needs a mask, has access to one. 30 volunteers from around the Hardwick area stepped forward to meet this challenge, donating over 1500 masks within a two week time frame. While we continue to make and distribute masks, we also want to give individuals the opportunity to share their varied choices of who they wear their mask for. If you would like to offer your answer to this question in the next video, please call or text 802-441-3301 and you will be contacted to arrange the logistics.

This is also the number to call if you would like to volunteer for Hardwick Area Neighbor to Neighbor, request assistance or explore resources. Enjoy the video and please help it go viral – a good kind of viral in this instance!