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LIVE FROM THE HIVE: The Pollinator Report

LIVE FROM THE HIVE: The Pollinator Report!, an Earth Day special. Young Hardwick-area activists Ava Purdy and Amelia Circosta host a news hour featuring stories about current environmental threats facing pollinators.

Don’t miss this fascinating exploration! Filmed at the Greensboro Free Library and various community locations, the show includes pollinator headlines, the latest chilling extinction numbers of birds, butterflies, bats and bees, and interviews with a beekeeper, a state legislator, a soil scientist, and an EMF expert.

Guests include Genevieve Drutchas from Bee Haven Farm, Representative Jim McCullough from Williston VT, Mike Bald of “Got Weeds?”, and Cece Doucette from Massachusetts for Safe Technology.

Produced by Emily Lanxner and Aro Veno from The Mobilization for Pollinator Survival.