HCTV’s Community Clips Project!

Submit clips from the Hardwick/Woodbury/Greensboro area that remind you of what you love about your community and what time of year it is!

Be a part of our next episode! Submit clips of anything you see that brings you joy and your neighbors would relate to! Episodes will be released when we have enough clips from each theme! Have fun, and don’t forget to turn your phone sideways! 😉


The following is a preview of the guidelines on the above form:

Hello! Thank you for submitting to the HCTV Community Clips project! Please use this form to submit videos of things you filmed around our community that you think others can relate to and enjoy. Anything goes but use the following guidelines to know what may not be accepted. 

Some guidelines for what to submit:

Local to HCTV: These clips should document something from the Woodbury, Hardwick or Greensboro area. That is HCTV’s service territory! 

Ambient sounds only, no narration or added music. Clips with no audio at all may be passed over. Observed conversation or performance might be usable, but see below about “When filming people” and “background music” for more details. Background talking that is indistinguishable is definitely okay. 

16×9 format preferred – if using your phone, hold it sideways! Landscape mode is another way to think of it.

Keep it to things that arerelatable to anyone who lives or works in the greater Hardwick area and avoid personal content.

Clips should be trimmed or usable whole. At least tell us the timecode of the part you want us to use if you are unable to edit them yourself. Such as “0:38-1:16” or as close as you can guess. We have limited time to work on this project each week so submissions requiring extra work may be discarded. If you need technical assistance, reach out!

Keep it short but not too short! Clips should be between 10 seconds and 1 minute. Longer ones will be considered up to 3 minutes. 

Please submit only your favorites and no more footage than you think someone else would reasonably enjoy watching. That said, this content doesn’t need to be “high entertainment value”. We’re looking for things that simply help us relate and connect to this place we live. If you want to edit several clips together, we can accept it with your own editing too. Please leave the titles to us, however.

Music that is in the background that couldn’t be helped might be permissible in clips less than 30 seconds if it is copyrighted, longer if you have permission to record it from the artist. 

When filming people in contexts where they may have an “expectation of privacy” or private property make sure to obtain permission. You can do this in writing or else take video of them giving permission (or their parent/guardian in the case of minors). Even if they are in public, it is the considerate and moral thing to do to ask permission. Crowds at public events are a reasonable exception.

Note that the non-google account version does not have an upload link. You will have to use another way to send the file to us. We recommend WeTransfer.com or Dropbox.com.


Community Clips episodes have themes to inspire you about what to submit and to make them more fun to watch. The themes are recurring so you can always submit any time and know that your clip will come out in the next episode that it fits best in. 

The following is a list of examples to better explain the themes if you aren’t sure where your clips fits: 

Field & Table

  • Food – cooking, eating, etc
  • Kitchens
  • Farming
  • Garden
  • Hunting, Fishing and Foraging for Food

Rest & Recreation

  • Sports and Games
  • Nature walks
  • Hunting & Fishing for Sport
  • Weather observations
  • Play – kids, pets, any kind of play!
  • Meditation
  • Healing Arts
  • Nothing-doing

Build & Create 

  • Making of anything!
  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Sharing of the created things
  • Construction and Carpentry 
  • Fashion
  • Repairs/Maintenance of made things

Events & Traditions

  • Holidays
  • Parties
  • Memorials
  • Performance
  • Astronomical events
  • Culture that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories