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How to Watch HCTV Coverage this Winter

Thank you so much to everyone for being understanding about the limitations HCTV will have this year while we have a director on maternity leave. The following is more information on how to watch the games this year, should you need it. 

Web Viewers: 

The basketball games and meetings will be posted on our website the following day,, as soon as our production manager is able to do so. 

For Boys Basketball you will need a password. To get this password, please contact Coach Aaron Hill using the OSSU staff directory:

You can also follow us on YouTube where we will post public games and meetings as soon as possible, but they will appear on the website first.

TV Viewers: 

The games will air on channel 1080 at 6:00 pm the following day. If there is a new meeting at the same time it will air at 7:30 following the game. You can check our TV schedule online using this link:

A note about JV: In recent years we took on filming of JV games to help families access them due to the pandemic. It was a lot for us to handle even without having a director on leave. Sadly we will not be able to record JV games this year, back to the way it was originally. The gym is fully open again and we hope people show up to cheer on all levels of play! 

All Hazen students are equally valuable to us at HCTV, whether they play JV or Varsity or participate in a different activity or even no activities all together. We are highly interested in what the community would like us to showcase in the future and very motivated to make that happen. With time and your support, anything is possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your thoughts and ideas. 

Thank you! 

Elizabeth Rossano, Executive Director