Why work for HCTV?

💵If you’re looking for a side job with competitive wages, HCTV might be a great fit  for you.

📺Working for HCTV gives you an important role in the community. We need people to record our local events and meetings, and you will be highly valued for being that person.

📰By recording local events and meetings, you will find yourself better in touch with what is happening in your own community. This is a rewarding feeling and leads to more connections and better integration within your community, contributing to a sense of wellbeing.

📹Working for HCTV can be a lot of fun for the person who wants to utilize the skills involved with video production!

🌱We provide a  compassionate work environment and value nurturing the employee, not just the organization. We want your job to meet the needs of the organization but also mold to your strengths and interests. HCTV is in a good position to grow and evolve, and we’d love you to come along for the ride!

➡️Please see our full job description and application instructions HERE