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Woodbury Community Library Presents Grace Gershuny, author of “Organic Revolutionary”—October 6, 2022

Grace Gershuny, author of Organic Revolutionary: A Memoir of the Movement for Real Food, Planetary Healing, and Human Liberation
Please join us for an informative, empowering and inspiring conversation. Activist, author, and educator, Grace Gershuny will underscore the importance of each individual action, the interconnection of our actions and to find practical solutions right under our feet, by restoring and nourishing the soil that nourishes us and our communities.
Grace will offer a historical view of the organic food and farming movement, with a focus on the role of Vermont’s back to the land movement and her own experiences in helping to move organic farming into the mainstream. As one of the people that helped develop USDA’s National Organic Program she will share her perspective on the importance of wider adoption of organic agriculture, whatever your preferred label, for addressing the climate crisis as well as the intersecting social, ecological and economic crises.
Grace is a long-time faculty member of the Institute for Social Ecology and has taught about food system issues there as well as at Goddard, Sterling, and Green Mountain College among others. She is on the Board of the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition and lives in Barnet, VT.