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HCTV is moving to NEW Cable Channel 1080!

Please pass on the word to your neighbors!

— and note that while our new and old channels are currently running simultaneously, Channel 16 will fully switch to Channel 1080 by May 2020!

Kiss-A-Pig for the Jeudevine Library

Who Will Kiss-a-Pig for the Jeudevine Library?

Starting October 1st, voting will begin to choose a well-known Hardwick personality to Kiss-a-Pig for the Jeudevine Library Expansion Project.

Each vote costs $1.00. You can buy as many votes per candidate as you want. You can vote for as many candidates as you want. All ages can vote! You can vote at the library or at the Galaxy Bookshop. Voting ends on Oct. 25th. Results of the election will be revealed on Oct. 29th when the winner will kiss-a-pig in front of the Jeudevine Library in front of the press! All the money raised from buying votes will go to the Jeudevine Expansion Project!

For more information call the Jeudevine Library at 472-5948.