“From Script To Screen”

Vid-Kids/Teens Video workshop ~ August 16-18, 2021

Interested in creating your own video . . . narrative, experimental, or otherwise??

HCTV is offering a three-day workshop to create your own short video.  Working with other workshop members cooperatively, you will share acting and recording duties to help produce each person’s vision.  All of our technical resources will be available, including cameras, a variety of microphones, lights, and green screen and more.  The workshop will be divided into a morning and an afternoon focus, beginning with writing and continuing into filming and editing.  The workshop will be based at the Hardwick Memorial Building and its immediate surroundings.

The finished videos will be shown on HCTV!

This workshop is open to interested older kids and teens (Grade 6-12) and will run 9 AM to 3 PM, August 16-18.

Please sign up by ASAP to assure a spot!

We will be following Covid guidelines of the Memorial Building, which is currently open and suggesting the VT State’s recommendations.

Please e-mail Leif at hardwicktv@comcast.net to sign up or with any questions!