HCTV Board Minutes: July 28, 2021

HCTV Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Wiz, Kurt, Leif, Mike, Robin, Jim, Rachel
Absent: Rip
Visitors: None

Minutes: No corrections or additions. motion to approve: Kurt. Robin 2nd. Unanimous.
P&L: Nothing to pay attention to. Discussed why the PEG money is going up and the
projection that it will go down in the foreseeable future. Motion to approve: Robin. Second: Kurt.
Balance Sheet: All in order. Robin had a few questions about equipment. Motion to approve: Robin.
Second: Kurt. Unanimous.
Station Report: Leif reported that the coin drop yielded $905.11.
Baseball was a great success with 2 announcers. James Salvas as the play caller and
Lance Hall did color commentary. All home games.
Live soccer – can be done, but Leif has concerns about how many viewers it will draw.
And the weather frequently doesn’t cooperate. Not concerned about sponsorships.
Leif still has openings for the Vid-Kids workshop and will do more recruiting.
Leif reported on new equipment he has acquired – JVC 4K cam, new tripod bags – and
indicated he’s looking a new editing equipment – used IMAC.
Leif has been having trouble getting access to the HED meetings. The HED has now
decided to move their meetings to the Memorial Building.
Grant fund recipients have been notified. Rip Keller, Elizabeth ?, Meredith ?, Roy
MacNeil. We decided to distribute the money in two chunks expecting a summary of expenses at the
end of the project.
We discussed funding the grant next year. People like the idea, but some concern about
sustainability. We’d like to do some version of it.
We discussed a benefit screening of the results at the Town House for donations to fund
the grant program again.
We discussed hiring Robin for his ideas as B-roll and A-roll time filler.
Leif’s still having trouble reaching our bookkeeper. Rachel provided him a lead