April 29, 2021 AT 7:00 P.M
Via ZOOM video conference
Present: Leif Goldberg, Elizabeth Dow, Rachel Kane, Michael Gray, Robin Grant, Kurt Bos, Rip
Keller, Jim Kelty

President Rachel Kane called the meeting to order at 7:03.
Kurt moved acceptance of the minutes of the 2020 meeting; Rip seconded; unanimous vote to
Leif gave the station report: He signed the contract with Comcast, good to 2028. VAN did the
initial negotiating, and he signed the same contract as other stations, except he further negotiated that
HCTV keep Hazen and the Hardwick Town House as ROS sites.

  • Comcast ended our courtesy phone/internet services, so Leif came up with a faster
    phone/internet plan from Comcast at effectively $50 per month more than our previous
    Hazel is willing to continue as our bookkeeper, but Leif is still looking at local bookkeeping
    The basketball season had the crew covering Hazen Union’s JV and Varsity Hazen games, as
    well as the Middle School home games. The station covered 17 games (2/3 of what we usually cover)
    in a season beginning February 1, making it only ½ as long as usual. The Athletic Director at Hazen
    found us new sponsors. We had 3 people working at each game (camera, announcer, and scorekeeper),
    but because we had three sponsors per game, we made more money than usual; the sponsoring
    basically covered our expenses.
    We will be doing baseball games when the season starts.
    We have a coin drop coming up from 9:30 to noon-ish on June 26 with June 5 as backup.
    Lots of stations around the state want state funding. They have concern about the future of
    broadband in the state. PEG has begun to lobby for legislative awareness of what the station does. Leif
    expressed some concern our relationships with the surrounding communities – towns we work with but
    have no technological connection with. He’s not sure how the push to expand broadband will impact
    the station’s activities. He encouraged the Board to consider how we might hire ourselves out to serve
    them. Rachel endorsed PEG’s efforts to promote the role and importance of the local stations. Rachel
    also requested that Leif continue to cultivate a relationship with neighboring towns.
    Leif asked about whether the station support Rip’s “At home with the Maestro” idea for a series of
    26 programs about music. After much discussion, the Board agreed conceptually that it would like to
    support it, but settled on no specifics.
    Two-year terms – Members of the Board
    Rachel Kane
    Michael Gray
    Kurt Bos
    One-year term
    Jim Kelty
    Robin moved we accept the slate; Michael seconded. Unanimous approval.
    Pres. – Michael Gray
    Vice Pres. – Rip Keller
    Secretary – Elizabeth Dow
    Treasurer – Kurt Bos
    Robin moved; Kurt second; unanimous approval
    Kurt moved adjournment. Rip seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:33

  • Elizabeth H Dow, Secretary