HCTV Board Minutes: January 14, 2021

HCTV Board Meeting
January 14, 2021
7:00 – Zoom
Present: Leif Goldberg, Wiz Dow, Rip Keller, Mike Gray, Kurt Bos, Jim Kelty, Rachel Kane (arrives 10
minutes into the meeting)
Absent: Robin Grant

In Rachel’s absence, Rip opened the meeting at 7:15
Kurt moved; Michael seconded, and unanimous vote approved the minutes from October 2020
with no additions or corrections.
In a discussion of the Profit & Loss statement, Mike and Jim raised some informational
questions. Leif explained the COVID money. Kurt moved; Mike seconded, and a unanimous vote
approved the statement.
The Balance statement revealed nothing new or startling. Our depreciation has not been updated
recently, so they will need adjusting, but the rest has no surprises. Wiz moved; Kurt seconded, and a
unanimous vote approved the statement. Rachel joined the meeting.
Leif gave the Station Report.
He submitted two reports to the state on his use of the COVID money, and, as per usual,
he funneled the report through VAN. He received more money than expected and discovered that
someone at VAN had changed some of the numbers. Leif reported the change to VAN which suggested
that we hold onto the money and spend it later. Several ideas arose that would use the money to benefit
the community. Wiz moved; Kurt seconded that we set the money aside to use for COVID-related
projects. The motion received unanimous approval.
Leif met with a consultant from VAN to do a study of all the stations in the system.
They reviewed operations and looked for areas of improvement. Hardwick and Woodbury participate in
our activities and receive our programming on cable and from them we receive our funding. Craftsbury,
Greensboro, Wolcott, and Walden all participate in our activities, but they cannot receive our
programming through cable – only internet streaming. We need the cable connection for funding. That
delivery discrepancy raises the question of how we can expand our business model to benefit
financially from the people who use the service for free?
Currently, we’re broadcasting no basketball games. Teams are practicing with a schedule
in place, but the Governor has given no permission for teams to congregate to play games. When he
does, we will be very busy all of a sudden. Since the games will have no audience, this service will
bring the games to the families, so the Hazen Union Athletic Director wants us to cover all the games –
Middle, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity – in Hardwick, not just the 25 Varsity games. If that happens, we will
broadcast one or two games every other day. Hazen offered to find sponsors for the productions. Leif
has figured out the personnel, so we’re ready to go when the Governor gives the word.
We need a bookkeeper who can manage QuickBooks, can do the year end taxes, and
keep track of some of the payroll issues.
Kurt asked about the Workers’ Comp. issues from the previous meeting, and Leif
recognized that we need to get straightened out. We need to get the policies together, especially since
we’re hiring a new person. We agreed to put it on the agenda for the next meeting. Mike suggested we
create an ad hoc committee to sort it out: Kurt, Rachel, and Leif.
Rip left the meeting.
On the Comcast Agreement, Leif gave the background on how VAN developed the contract. He
then pointed out that it obliges Comcast to give us our subscriber numbers, which we’ve never had. It
also requires Comcast to support the stations with promotion – like a statement on the Comcast bill. It
continues the annual reimbursement. The contract allows stations to request to have the channel
upgraded to High Definition.
Leif expressed concern about the ‘remote origin’ site clauses. We have one at Hazen and one at
the Town House. We have our ‘origin site’ in the Memorial Building which feed right into the cable
feed. This contract does not list these remote origin sites. Instead, we have a broadcast server at the
station which picks up the signal and feeds it into the cable feed. Leif is concerned about the
maintenance of those sites. After a lot of discussion, Mike suggested we try to get ourselves written
back in. Leif will raise the issue with the Comcast representative. Wiz moved; Kurt seconded that Leif
sign the contract. Unanimous agreement.
Other Business: None.
Adjourn at 9:02.