HCTV Board Minutes: July 23, 2020

Atkins Field

Present: Leif Goldberg, Kurt Bos, Kip Keller, Rachel Kane, Elizabeth Dow, Michael Gray
Absent: Robin Grant

Rachel opened the meeting at 7:01.
Review of the minutes. No additions or corrections. Rachel moved acceptance; Kurt second; unanimous
Profit and Loss: Kurt asked for a couple clarifications. Nobody saw any problems. Wiz moved
acceptance; Michael seconded; unanimous acceptance.
Balance Sheet: Leif pointed out that that the extended tax year (July 15 deadline because of the COVID
pandemic) means that our taxes went in 2 months later than usual, so he hasn’t seen how the tax preparer
has handled some of the increased assets. Rachel moved acceptance; Kurt seconded; unanimous
Station Report:
After the crisis started and the Governor shut down the state, Leif and his daughter, working with
the Neighbor to Neighbor group, launched a series of videos about wearing masks.
Leif approached Brent and Maya McCoy about doing something under our ‘seed money’
decision from the last meeting. Kurt has also taken advantage of that money. Emmet Avery is working on
a story about transitions at the Gazette and interviewing some people in the community.
We’re losing our play-by-play guy — going to NVU/Lyndon in the fall.
We discussed additional summer projects and how much impact our local productions. We
discussed collaborating with the Gazette about adding our videos to their new digital version of the
newspaper. No conclusions.
Kurt is working with Nancy Schade to get a few more videos.
We discussed the fall season — what if soccer and basketball don’t happen? What can we do?
We might capture the games and provide the only way people can watch the games.
The Drive-in movie project with Neighbor to Neighbor group is about to start.
Other business: None.
Kurt motion to adjourn; Rip seconded; meeting adjourned at 7:48.