HCTV Board Meeting Minutes: October 24, 2019

HCTV Board Meeting
October 24, 2019

Present: Rachel, Rip, Kurt, Wiz, Leif, Robin
Rachel called the meeting to order at 7:00.

On a motion by Kurt and second by Rip, the Board approved the Minutes with 4 votes; Robin abstained because he wasn’t present at the meeting.
We discussed the profit and loss and year-to-date statements. Both documents raised questions about specific items, but we saw no general problems.

Robin moved; Kurt seconded; we approved unanimously.

Budget: it also raised some specific questions, however, the questions which asked for clarification of how the budget items related to the items listed in
the other two documents revealed that budget item labels and report items labels don’t match well. Leif will work on making them clearer

Kurt moved; Robin

Leif’s Station Report:
Comcast’s Certificate of Public Good was approved after the settlement agreement between VAN, Comcast, and the DPS was reached. While details still need some clarification, we know that
1) HCTV will be moved off Channel 16 to a dedicated PEG neighborhood enabling them to be listed with individual listings and full functionality on all programming guides. The move means re-branding and re-training our audience. The switch will occur during basketball season, which gives us a good way to
spread the word.
2) The FCC has ruled that cable companies may charge-back for services they supply as in-kind contributions. The ruling went into effect on 9/26. Leif recently saw a video in which a Comcast rep said that Comcast will charge for in-kind services, like internet access, and will provide stations a lump sum to cover the costs. How this all will shake out remains unclear.

Robin asked whether our PEG operating money will be impacted by the FCC ruling and Comcast’s response. Thanks to VAN’s work the answer is No.
Leif will try to attend a Nov. 14th “summit” in Rutland for stations impacted by the settlement.

Vid kids: 7 kids enrolled — ages 7-14. Two 5-hour sessions. Maura Gahan, a dancer, led the workshop and produced a very avant garde video.
Sean McIntyre (teacher at Hazen Union) contacted Leif and has begun a “career cafe” for the students. McIntyre wants his kids to record the sessions and edit the recording so HCTV can broadcast it. Everyone needs to have a photo release with the station.

Leif served as a technical consultant to Craftsbury Academy.

The station has covered a full season of soccer. Lance Hall did the whole season but for the last game. Kudos. Leif issued a special price for the sponsors and sold them all.

Basketball season: The athletic director asked that we not archive the broadcasts on the web until after the season is over, lest the competition use them as training films. Lance can’t commit to the full season, and Leif doesn’t know who will it take on. Griffin Lussier has expressed some interest in calling thegame. He could also run the broadcast.

Leif wants to increase the independent camera operators stipend. Currently we’re paying $50 per shoot. He’d like to go to $60. Robin moved; Rachel
seconded; and we voted to accept the proposal unanimously.

We need to get a petition signed this year to assure our appropriation from the Town.

The coin drop netted $728.

Leif and Wiz are working on an agreement between the station and the historical society whereby the HHS will provide off-site storage for the station’s body of work.

To get the workers’ compensation insurance, the board is being required to sign a waiver of the benefits. Leif will leave the affidavit at the Town Clerk’s
office so we can all sign and have it notarized.

Rip moved, and we adjourned at 8:20.

Elizabeth H. Dow