HCTV Board Meeting Minutes 7/25/2019

HCTV Board Meeting

Present are Wiz, Rachel, Kurt, Rip and Leif
Rachel called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Correction: Elizabeth’s name should be spelled Rossano.
Rip asked about the meaning of VAN — the Vermont Access Network and GMATV, Green
Mountain Area TV in Hyde Park.
Kurt moved acceptance, Rip seconded. Unanimous.

Funds are fairly stable. We’re contracting with camera people, and otherwise income/outgo is
stable. Leif answered a few technical questions, but nobody saw any problems.
Kurt moved we accept both. Second: Rip. Unanimous.
Station Report:

Leif reported that July has been pretty quiet — no sports, Selectboards quiet. We’re Covering
Craftsbury Vibrations. Bernie Lussier, the band’s leader, has been bringing VHS tapes for Leif to
digitize, and Leif has then been showing them on the station and getting good responses.
Also doing a show at HCA —Taryn Noelle—on August 3.
Covering a play in Cabot.
We’ve been asked to cover a discussion in Craftsbury of the Mueller Report on collusion.
Rachel asked if we have a policy about charging for our services. Leif explained that we’re
looking for content, and so he’s reluctant to put up a barrier – like money.
Leif spoke at length about the issues he runs into with copyrighted material. As a solution he
puts it on YouTube instead of on Vimeo which has a strict policy about copyrighted material.
Leif had a new volunteer on camera — Arthur Hynes — who has a lot of experience with PEG access
TV. Leif has checked his work, and finds it very good. Leif has started paying him.
Leif is feeling comfortable with our staffing level.
Leif has a vision for the Whiteway project, including Anne Hanson to do a voice-over.
Leif went to a job fair at Hazen. He thinks he made some good connections, that haven’t paid
off yet — including with the teacher who’s giving a course in video production.
Vid Kids is on schedule to take off next week. Only 5 kids signed up, and now 1 can’t make it.
Leif isn’t sure it will fly.
He has been training Griffin on the Hardwick Selectboard, but technical difficulties have made
it a hassle. Griffin’s doing well, however — regardless.

Motion to adjourn: Kurt moved. Second, Rachel. Unanimous
Entered executive session about pending Comcast contract at 7:49.

Executive session ended at 8:13.