HCTV Board Meeting Minutes 4/30/2019

Rachel called the meeting to order at 7:51.

Robin moved that we accept the minutes. Kurt seconded. Discussion followed.

Leif has not found an online archive beyond uploading our programming to YouTube. We stream through YouTube which captures it unedited. If he edits it, he has to upload it again. He’s ambivalent about Archive.com. The up-front one-time $2000 feel feels expensive, but using it may be a good idea. He will pursue it at the VAN meeting.

The Hardwick Historical Society (HHS) is willing to hold a back-up hard drive in its repository. HCTV and HHS will work out a ‘contract’ for how updating and access will work.

Unanimous acceptance.

Balance Sheet — Nothing raised any concern. Kurt moved to accept; Robin seconded. Unanimous.

Profit and Loss — Leif pointed out that our income from PEG has dropped $2000 (roughly 12%) because of a change in their accounting practices. It will remain at this lower level for quarterly payments into the future.

Kurt moved we accept; Robin seconded. Unanimous.
Station Report — We accepted the report given during the Annual Meeting.

Staffing — The station had a busy winter, producing 50 programs between December and March. Elizabeth Rossario left the station as of the third week of March. That leaves the Curtis Whiteway project without someone to work on it. The project is unfinished, though well planned out if anyone with the skills could take it over.

Griffin has picked up the external shooting, but we need someone who can shoot things, and someone who can run the live production software.

Rachel asked how quickly we need a replacement, and Leif allowed that it’s not an immediate need. Events to cover drops off after the winter sports season, so we have time to sort out what we need.

Robin announced that he will be available soon.

Leif pointed out the pros and cons of hiring someone for the station as opposed to using contractors. Pros: somebody embedded in the station, who has working regular hours, able to cover live broadcasting, running soundboard and cameras at the same time, means we can respond to all kinds of requests. Cons: the communication with them is hard because everyone has such short hours and no crossover of their hours.