HCTV Board of Directors Meeting: January 11, 2017

HCTV Minutes: 1/11/17
Present: Kurt B, Rachel K, Leif G, Wiz Dow, Robin G, Emily L and Dave M
Called to order: 7:10 pm
Motion to Approve Minutes
● minutes approved unanimously
Balance Sheet
● Total assets = $61K
● Balance sheet approved unanimously
Profit & Loss Statement
● No questions
● P & L statement approved unanimously
2017 Budget
● Leif proposes that we move any surplus funds from previous years into Capital fund category
● Surplus move approved unanimously
● RG–we’ve been over for Executive Dir salary, should we up the line item to $12500?
● Should we up Ind. Contractor line item to $3000? Yes
● Should we increase Accountant line item? No
● Should we strike the Editorial line item? Yes
● Should we up Website Development line item to $500? Yes
● Projected repairs…$3000, is that a lot?? Oops, that is not supposed to be there…should
be in the capital equipment fund line item
● set Repairs to $250
● Board has decided to submit signatures to get on Hardwick Town warning…will decline
funds this year
● Budget approved unanimously
Station Report
● Requests from public to record Hazen school board mtgs
● Leif is training Emmett A to cover next basketball game
● Robin is available also to record mtgs
● Can board members be hired as ind. Contractors to work for HCTV? RG will find out…
● May want to ease into recording School board mtgs…let’s assess how it’s going after a
few meetings.
● Leif will talk to David K and let him know that we intend to record mtgs…
● Jen Olson contacted Leif about a couple of students interested in video production
● Sell “Local Lumps” video greetings, wishes, personal messages, etc.to run for a couple of weeks
● Could put submission form on website and pay with PayPal
● No commercial submissions allowed
● May need some disclaimer editing
Next meeting: ??? at 7:00pm Meeting adjourned 8:50