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Woodbury Select Board~ April 8, 2019

*WOODBURY SCHOOL ROOF BID OPENING*WOODBURY GRADED SCHOOL/UNION DISTRICT MERGER• Lease vs Conveyance• Joint Meeting Select Board, School District Board and OSSU*TOWN HIGHWAY REPORT• Paving Grant/ Upper Cabot Road• Paving Fund• Paving in the Village• Swenson Quarry Reimbursement to Highway Fund• Road Crew Report

Woodbury Select Board: March 25, 2019

Agenda includes: Swenson Quarry’s Act 250 Permit and discussion about paving upper Cabot Rd., Town Treasurer and Clerk’s Report, Old Woodbury Store, Town Official Appointments, Woodbury Graded School/ Act 46 Updates, Volunteer Fire Dep’t Building Project, and Highway Report.

Woodbury Town Meeting ~ March 5, 2019

The Woodbury, Vermont Town Meeting included a visit from State Representatives Avram Pratt and Dave Yacavone who addressed questions ranging from climate change to broadband internet to 911 service.

Watch starting from 55 min.