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HCTV Minutes 7-26-18 Annual Meeting

HCTV Minutes 7-26-18 AnnualMeeting

Hardwick Community Television Annual Meeting
July 26, 2018

Present: Rip Keller, Amatista Keller, Elizabeth Rossano, Kurt Bos, Elizabeth Dow, Rachel Kane, Emily Lanxner, Leif Goldberg.

President Rachel Kane call the meeting to order at 7:15. Kurt Moved that we approve the minutes of the 2017 annual meeting as written. Rachel seconded. Approved unanimously.

Executive Director, Leif Goldberg, presented his annual report:

  • The station has installed a new server that can broadcast from anywhere there is a signal. We could broadcast the Town Meeting from the Elementary School. Leif wants to schedule daily shows from local providers. He does not want to over populate our channel with national feeds, and he will be moderate. Emily suggested scheduling a show twice a week so daily broadcast differed. We could have students integrate it into school projects.
  • Comcast will upgrade our connectivity equipment to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Leif has upgraded our internet service to bring it into capacity with the new equipment
  • Leif has the station on the coin-drop schedule
  • The project on the Holocaust-related oral history of Curtis Whiteway of Craftsbury, has grown very big; Leif is


thinking of inviting new partners to finish the production.

After Leif’s report, we turned to the new by-laws. Rachel presented the changes and the rationale for each. Kurt that we approve them. Emily seconded the motion. Approved unanimously.

We then elected board members. Kurt moved that we elect Elizabeth (repeat), Robin Grant (r), David Mitchell (r), Rip (new), and Amatista (n). Emily seconded. Approved unanimously.

The Board then elected its officers. Amatista moved that we elect: President – Rachel Kane Vice President – Rip Keller

Rip seconded. Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:15

Secretary – Elizabeth Dow Treasurer – Kurt Bos

Elizabeth H Dow

HCTV Regular Board Minutes 7-26-2018

Present: Rip Keller, Amatista Keller, Elizabeth Rossano, Kurt Bos, Elizabeth Dow, Rachel Kane, Leif Goldberg.

President Rachel Kane opened the meeting at 8:20. 

After some discussion of the time Elizabeth's time, Wiz moved that we view the screening of a couple projects in progress first. Seconded by Kurt. Approved unanimously. 

We watched samples of some of the children's videos and Elizabeth's Rossano's work on the oral history with Curtis Whiteway.

After the screening, Leif presented the financial reports: Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss. Wiz moved and Kurt seconded that we accept the reports.  Approved unanimously. 

Rachel presented a Conflict of Interest policy as the first of a series of management policies the station will accumulate. Rachel moved and Kurt seconded that we adopt the policy. Rip and Amatista abstained, and the others approved unanimously. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

HCTV Board Minutes: April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018 Hardwick Memorial Bldg.
7:00 called to order

In Attendance: Rachel K, Kurt B, Leif G, Dave M, Wiz D

1. Approve Minutes from January meeting
● WD moves to approve, KB seconds…
● RK. was depreciation of equip list updated?
● LG all info is in accountant’s hands, no results yet
● Approved unanimously
2. Approve Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets
● WD moves to approve P & L and Balance statement, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
3. Discuss Revised Bylaws
● WD brings up wording of Article II Section 1 Membership
○ Approved
● Article II Section 4: Quorum & Voting…quorum is redundant
○ Approved
● Article III Section 9: Conflict of Interest…retitle section Contested Issues?
○ Remove/Reword Conflict of Interest statement wording to possibly allow employees to be a Board member
○ “All contested issues shall be settled according to policies adopted by the Board of Directors”
○ A policy “book” will be developed by the board, esp. concerning personnel issues
○ Wiz will rewrite and circulate via email
4. Discuss Conflict of Interest Policy
● Will address in changes to the Rules and Regulations
5. Discuss Conflict Resolution…borrowed version from Buffalo Mtn ● WD will edit and circulate via email
6. Tel-Vue Broadcast System
● LG is planning on signing off on this big expense
● New broadcast system for HCTV, allows us to stream in HD and transcode to SD on the fly
● WD moves to authorize LG to pursue purchase, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
7. Station
● Trained 3 people, 1 is very active
● Got a donated computer from another TV station, works well
● Very busy, nine events scheduled this week
● Mr. Whiteway interview…very interesting piece…taking lots of time ●
8. Adjourn 8:41
Respectfully submitted by D. Mitchell
Report 8:30

HCTV Board Meeting : Jan 25, 2018

HARDWICK COMMUNITY TELEVISION Hardwick Memorial Bldg. Jan 25, 2018


Present: Wiz D, Dave M, Meredith H, Leif G, Kurt B

OK MINUTES FROM October meeting ● Approved unanimously
● Have not yet updated depreciation of equipment
● Will update for tax season
● Approved unanimously
● Approved unanimously
2018 Budget
● Looking to update website, budgeted $2K
● Discussion about Operating Revenues and Operating Expenses
● Approved unanimously
Station Report: Town Appropriations, neighboring towns, Tech update, workshops
● Discussed town appropriations
● LG spoke with Sue Wood of Greensboro about covering their Select board meetings
● Working on new live mixing system, some growing pains
● Workshops–training workshop in March, LG wants to another kids workshop in summer,
no grant funding yet New annual Meeting date
● Annual meeting in April
● Board positions up for renewal
● Needs to be warned 30 days in advance
● LG will pick a date
Other business
● MH proposes we buy a DSLR camera
● Approx. $1.5 to $3K
● LG suggests a wireless camera instead
● LG suggests a new editing workstation ●
8:32 P.M. Adjourn