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HCTV Board of Directors Meeting: January 11, 2017

HCTV Minutes: 1/11/17
Present: Kurt B, Rachel K, Leif G, Wiz Dow, Robin G, Emily L and Dave M
Called to order: 7:10 pm
Motion to Approve Minutes
● minutes approved unanimously
Balance Sheet
● Total assets = $61K
● Balance sheet approved unanimously
Profit & Loss Statement
● No questions
● P & L statement approved unanimously
2017 Budget
● Leif proposes that we move any surplus funds from previous years into Capital fund category
● Surplus move approved unanimously
● RG–we’ve been over for Executive Dir salary, should we up the line item to $12500?
● Should we up Ind. Contractor line item to $3000? Yes
● Should we increase Accountant line item? No
● Should we strike the Editorial line item? Yes
● Should we up Website Development line item to $500? Yes
● Projected repairs…$3000, is that a lot?? Oops, that is not supposed to be there…should
be in the capital equipment fund line item
● set Repairs to $250
● Board has decided to submit signatures to get on Hardwick Town warning…will decline
funds this year
● Budget approved unanimously
Station Report
● Requests from public to record Hazen school board mtgs
● Leif is training Emmett A to cover next basketball game
● Robin is available also to record mtgs
● Can board members be hired as ind. Contractors to work for HCTV? RG will find out…
● May want to ease into recording School board mtgs…let’s assess how it’s going after a
few meetings.
● Leif will talk to David K and let him know that we intend to record mtgs…
● Jen Olson contacted Leif about a couple of students interested in video production
● Sell “Local Lumps” video greetings, wishes, personal messages, run for a couple of weeks
● Could put submission form on website and pay with PayPal
● No commercial submissions allowed
● May need some disclaimer editing
Next meeting: ??? at 7:00pm Meeting adjourned 8:50

HCTV Board of Directors Meeting: October 27, 2016

HCTV Minutes: 10/27/16
Present: Kurt Bos, Rachel Kane, Leif Goldberg, Wiz Dow and Dave Mitchell

Called to order: 7:10 pm

Motion to Approve Minutes
● Amend minutes to reflect recess and election of officers and appointment new board members (Wiz Dow, Robin Grant, Meredith Holch)
● Will send revised minutes to Leif for dissemination
● Amended minutes approved unanimously

Balance Sheet–
● Hazel Greaves has been working on it…we’re gaining on it!
● Payroll liabilities from previous years not correct
● Could be a Mac vs. PC issue
● HG can do payroll and tax filings for $1000/yr
● Payroll is a problem!! Our system is messed up, we need a working in-house system!
● Maybe a new donor PC from Hazen?
● Let’s get a PC version and see if this cleans up our problems
● Wiz moves that we obtain a “new” PC and have Hazel Greaves help us set up our system with a clean copy of QuickBooks
○ Kurt seconds
○ Approved unanimously
● Kurt moves that we accept Balance Sheet as presented
○ Wiz seconds
○ Approved unanimously

Profit & Loss Statement
● Discussion: Should we go to quarter by quarter P & L report?
○ Could be easier to understand expenses over the year
○ Will try for next meeting??
● Discussion of items:
○ Special Events line item: pizza for workshop attendees and annual meeting
○ Independent Contractor line item: Mike Reis for technical assessment/assistance and camera people we paid for recording events, Kids workshop
● Wiz moves that we approve P & L statement
○ Kurt seconds
○ Approved unanimously

Station Director’s Report
● Only broadcast 2 soccer games
● May do the playoff game on Saturday
● Getting set for basketball season with Lance and Jon
● Discussion: Live broadcasts or delayed broadcasts?
● Met with Jenn Olson (Hazen job/Act 77 coordinator) very hopeful, nothing so far
● Scheduled to do a training 11/7-11/9, no takers so far
● Kids workshop was great! Had 12 kids,
○ showed video at First Friday
○ Applied for grant to do this again, will know by mid-November

● Sell personal ads on HCTV?
● Could do a trial run with solicitation for more?
● Do bylaws allow us to run ads?

● Comcast cpg? Not approved yet
● Improved bandwidth/HD upgrade?

Next meeting: January 26 at 7:00pm

HCTV Board of Directors Meeting August 23, 2016

Present: Kurt Bos, Nancy Kellogg, Rachel Kane, Leif Goldberg, John Pepe, Emily Lanxner and Dave Mitchell, Wiz Dow, Robin Grant, Meredith Holch

Called to order: 7:20 pm

Motion to Approve Minutes
● Clarification of HED mtg recordings
● approved unanimously

Balance Sheet–
● Assets are organized!
● Payroll section is problematic
○ May need to be rebuilt from ground up
○ May need another Quickbooks “expert” to clean up this section

Profit & Loss Statement
● Unemployment Insurance?–we’re exempt
● Will notify Hazel that we don’t need UI
● Approved unanimously

Station Director’s Report
● Leif is working with Hazel Greaves to get QuickBooks set up correctly
● Some frustration here…may need to bring in QuickBooks “expert”…
● Made $435 at coin drop!

Meeting Recessed at 7:51 for Annual meeting

Meeting called back to order 8:46pm

Station Director’s Report cont’d.
● Lance Hall will announce some soccer games
● Local elections may stimulate interest for interviews of candidates
● Mike Reis of GMATV is in talks with HCTV to do technical contracting and moving HCTV to a web-based broadcast system to broadcast remotely…much $$. LG wants to continue to consider this possibility…agreed

Elected Officers:
● President: Rachel Kane
● Treasurer: Kurt Bos
● Vice-Chair: Corrinna Colson
● Secretary: Dave Mitchell

Next meeting: October 27 at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned 9:11


HCTV Annual Meeting

called to order: 7:51pm

Election of new officers for two-year terms:

David Mitchell (educational representative)
Wiz Dow (gov’t representative)
Robin Grant
Meredith Holch

Adjourned at 8:46pm

HCTV Board of Directors Minutes: May 10, 2016

Hardwick Community Television
Minutes of May 10, 2016

Present: board members Kurt Bos, Rachel Kane, Emily Lanxner, Nancy Kellogg and David Mitchell, and Station Manager Leif Goldberg.

Meeting called to order at 7:10

Minutes of the previous meeting of February 9, 2016, were approved.

Financial Reports:
Balance Sheet:
Leif reports that Hazel Greaves has been working on clearing up the accounts, but it is not finished yet. The Fixed Assets are now itemized. The accounts are tidy enough now to take to the bank, and the station has been tentatively approved for a loan of up to 15,000 at the Merchants Bank.
Balance Sheet approved by vote.

Profit and Loss Report:
Things are looking pretty good at the moment. Report approved.

Station Report:
Leif attended a meeting of VAN (Vermont Access Network) and found it educational. Some of the discussion at that meeting was that Comcast will need a renewal of the certificate of public good from the Public Service Board. VAN has assembled 2000 pages of testimony to support Comcast, but is inserting some provisos, for example Comcast promised an HD (High Definition) channel to HCTV (and other stations), yet we haven’t heard a peep about that since. Also it was promised that HCTV be listed on the program guide, so that TV customers will be aware of our station and programming. If approved, the next Comcast contract will be for 11 years.

Much new material has been filmed and added to the station roster lately, and more is upcoming. The Kiwanis asked Leif to create a PSA. There are plans to film activities at Atkins Field for CAE, Food Shelf, and NEK Kids on the Move. For Spring Festival John Lussier will again announce the parade, and it will be filmed. Emily reminds us that it is important for our town records to film the parades, and to do it well.
Graduations at both Hazen Union and Hardwick Elementary will be filmed. Eric Remick of the Hardwick Select Board has asked that the Hardwick Electric meetings be filmed. There is talk of looking for a student to film these meeting, at least occasionally, and talk of paying someone $50 to do so. Leif has a young person from Morrisville who might be willing to do this. Dave offers to film the Hardwick Electric meetings, as he is on that board as well.
Emily talks at length about the Education Task Force, recently created in Hardwick. It is looking for ways to integrate school and community, and Emily feels there is great potential in having kids prepare and film shows about their own interests. The task force will be trying to get some grant money to propel this idea along. The board members agree that it is a fine idea, one which we will support as much as possible, once some direction is made clear.

Broadcast System Discussion
The board and staff have previously agreed that the broadcast equipment needs to be updated. Leif has been grappling with details, comparing the offers from 2 different systems, Telvue Hypercaster and Tightrope Cablecast. They have slightly different technology, but the end product is the same. Both will upgrade HCTV to HD, in the event that Comcast gives us HD (and we already have the equipment to put out HD programming). If and when we do upgrade, Comcast will put in a fiberoptic connection, which upgrade the cable signal. However, the discussion is not over. For while the above mentioned upgrade will make our current cable-delivered programming look great, it will not do a whit for the quality of our online content. Some of the board wonder if we should put the money into the unknown, and very local, number of cable customers, or put money into improving the quality of our programs for those who might watch on computers and the like. This begs the question – who are the audiences, and to whom does HCTV devote the programming towards? Leif is tasked with getting more information about how we can improve the internet output, and will bring this information the annual meeting.

Other Business:
Fundraising – We have the go ahead for a coin drop this summer, on Wolcott St, the dates have yet to be set. The Kiwanis will let us have the bottle drop in 2017, for at least a portion of the year. We need some bigger ideas.
Meeting adjourned 8:37 pm