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HCTV Board Minutes: April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018 Hardwick Memorial Bldg.
7:00 called to order

In Attendance: Rachel K, Kurt B, Leif G, Dave M, Wiz D

1. Approve Minutes from January meeting
● WD moves to approve, KB seconds…
● RK. was depreciation of equip list updated?
● LG all info is in accountant’s hands, no results yet
● Approved unanimously
2. Approve Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets
● WD moves to approve P & L and Balance statement, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
3. Discuss Revised Bylaws
● WD brings up wording of Article II Section 1 Membership
○ Approved
● Article II Section 4: Quorum & Voting…quorum is redundant
○ Approved
● Article III Section 9: Conflict of Interest…retitle section Contested Issues?
○ Remove/Reword Conflict of Interest statement wording to possibly allow employees to be a Board member
○ “All contested issues shall be settled according to policies adopted by the Board of Directors”
○ A policy “book” will be developed by the board, esp. concerning personnel issues
○ Wiz will rewrite and circulate via email
4. Discuss Conflict of Interest Policy
● Will address in changes to the Rules and Regulations
5. Discuss Conflict Resolution…borrowed version from Buffalo Mtn ● WD will edit and circulate via email
6. Tel-Vue Broadcast System
● LG is planning on signing off on this big expense
● New broadcast system for HCTV, allows us to stream in HD and transcode to SD on the fly
● WD moves to authorize LG to pursue purchase, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
7. Station
● Trained 3 people, 1 is very active
● Got a donated computer from another TV station, works well
● Very busy, nine events scheduled this week
● Mr. Whiteway interview…very interesting piece…taking lots of time ●
8. Adjourn 8:41
Respectfully submitted by D. Mitchell
Report 8:30

HCTV Board Meeting : Jan 25, 2018

HARDWICK COMMUNITY TELEVISION Hardwick Memorial Bldg. Jan 25, 2018


Present: Wiz D, Dave M, Meredith H, Leif G, Kurt B

OK MINUTES FROM October meeting ● Approved unanimously
● Have not yet updated depreciation of equipment
● Will update for tax season
● Approved unanimously
● Approved unanimously
2018 Budget
● Looking to update website, budgeted $2K
● Discussion about Operating Revenues and Operating Expenses
● Approved unanimously
Station Report: Town Appropriations, neighboring towns, Tech update, workshops
● Discussed town appropriations
● LG spoke with Sue Wood of Greensboro about covering their Select board meetings
● Working on new live mixing system, some growing pains
● Workshops–training workshop in March, LG wants to another kids workshop in summer,
no grant funding yet New annual Meeting date
● Annual meeting in April
● Board positions up for renewal
● Needs to be warned 30 days in advance
● LG will pick a date
Other business
● MH proposes we buy a DSLR camera
● Approx. $1.5 to $3K
● LG suggests a wireless camera instead
● LG suggests a new editing workstation ●
8:32 P.M. Adjourn

HCTV Board Meeting : Oct. 26, 2017

Rachel Kane, Chair
Wiz Dow, Vice Chair
Kurt Bos, Treasurer
Robin Grant, recording secretary
Leif Goldberg, Executive Director (non-voting)
Called to order at 7PM by Rachel Kane
Wiz moves to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, Kurt seconds. No discussion (other than a a few typos)
Minutes accepted unanimously.
Meredith Holch arrives at 7:02PM
Robin moves to accept the balance sheet, Kurt seconds. Discussion ensues regarding auditing and auditors. Balance sheet accepted unanimously.
Profit/Loss is handed out.
Quickbooks needs to be updated.
Wiz moves to accept Profit/Loss, Kurt seconds.
Discussion on fundraising balance and town appropriation. Meredith asks Leif to look into the records going back to 2012 to make sure that one of the town’s $3000 appropriations were not missed.
Profit/Loss accepted unanimously.
Station Report:
Leif reports that the station is cruising along, Employees John and Elizabeth are on tasks. It’s been fairly minimal the last few months. Have done 8 soccer games, with Lance doing the announcing. Leif wants to get Lance a git certificate.
Covering some other things as requested, the Historical Society. Wiz is pleased with the week turnaround time to get it on air. Wiz will include it in the Historical Society announcement asking their members to go online and stream it. Leif reports that the health care event at Hazen has a lot of hits. Chip Troiano held an event and Emmet was assigned to record it. Leif did a recording at the Highland Arts, Vermont Arts Council asked HCTV to record that. Wiz asks if that can be sent out state wide [brief discussion
Hardwick Community Television Board Meeting 10/26/2017 Page 1 of 1
about statewide sharing system].
Rachel asks about Elizabeth’s hours. Elizabeth had been getting workers comp from a previous employer, but that has been resolved and she is on here with the usual fluctuating hours. John is doing the two Select Board meetings and that’s about it.
Leif has been working on setting up a new video mixer, mainly for select board, because the last MiniDV deck has finally died. The last few select boards have been one-camera only. Leif has bought a MacBookPro and some video cards and a demo version of a mixer called Wirecast (UStream is a stripped down version of Wirecast). It allows versatility, such as burn-in graphics, and more cameras. It can send to the live feed, the Final Cut computer AND send it to Ustream. One trick is that Wirecast isn’t sending 640×480 to the live feed, but Leif is working in that.
Rachael asks about our agreement with Comcast, and Leif reports that they are in suit with the Vermont Public Service Board, and a big part of that suit has to do with PEG Access. Lauren Glenn Davidian is doing a show next week to educate the people. Meredith reports that this year, nationwide cable TV subscriptions have fallen for the first time this year. Leif received a letter from Comcast about our contract being up in February, but they said that nothing will change until that lawsuit is reconciled. The existing terms of the contract will remain in effect during that time.
[Discussion ensues about how HCTV would exist without Comcast]
Met with Wiz and Rachel about the bylaws. This led to a discussion about policies. There were some good ideas coming out of that. Wiz and Rachel will look at meeting amongst themselves to work on the policies and bylaws. Rachel says that most of the items she has are simple clarifications. Rachel notes that both Conflict of Interest and Conflict and Resolution policies must me written up. Leif will email them a word document.
Leif suggests moving the annual meeting to January or April, and having our budget presented in October. Leif points out that summer is a difficult time to get people to attend meetings. Meredith and Wiz say the annual meeting would be best in late March or early April. [Discussion]
New Business:
Rachel says we would do well to look into recording Craftsbury and Greensboro’s town government meetings. Woodbury was appropriating about $750 a year, and it costs approximately $1200 to record their meetings for a year. [Discussion about adding HCTV directly to town budget rather then appropriation at town meeting]. The board asks Leif to approach the towns of Hardwick and Woodbury to negotiate moving HCTV’s regular appropriations into the respective town’s budgets.
To add in overhead, we are saying it’s $20/hour, assuming a 3 hours meeting, plus 30 minutes on each end for setup and breakdown, plus one hour of editing, that’s 5 hours per meeting, which comes to $100 each meeting.
Leif reports that Emily would like to make a video about Armand, who runs the boxing rink in the basement of Hardwick Inn.
Meeting is adjourned at 8:36pm
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HCTV Regular Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2017

Hardwick Community Television – Regular Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017
HCTV Board Members Present: Rachel Kane, Kurt Bos, Meredith Holch, Wiz Dow, Emily Lanxner
HCTV Staff: Leif Goldberg, Elizabeth Rossano
*Meeting called to order at 8:40 PM
*Minutes from April 2017 approved by Emily Lanxner, 2nd by Kurt Bos
Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
*Meredith questions extra revenue since last year, LG: capital spending down, revenues up slightly, Extra category made in 2017 budget for carryover revenues into Capital Expenses
*Motion to accept financial reports, MH 2nds motion, unanomous approval
Station Update by Leif
*Discussion about quorum for annual meeting: propose to change the requirement for number of public and members in attendance at Annual Meeting, and change the number of board members form 7 to 5, Wiz Dow proposes to give the bylaws a “haircut”, Rachel and Wiz will meet with Leif to make suggested revisions to bylaws for next meeting
*Bank stuff: LG moved onto the bank account with Kurt and Dave Mitchell, separate checking and savings accts, Wiz Dow suggests looking into online banking, such as Ally Bank for increased interest on savings, LG will research, further discussion next meeting, quickbooks and banking has been improved overall
*Sap Bucket development, Meredith: push to incorporate into Hazen athletics, to make it a goal for athletes to be recognized here, Front Porch Forum posts about it, Board needs to contribute to keep it going
*Discussion of staff hours, some changing schedules for the Fall
Comcast Contract
*Contract renewal set for February 2018, bring in Greg Elper-wood for fall meeting, what do we ask for from Comcast, LG proposes line extension to Greensboro, KB: live feed at theater, get Greensboro select board members and residents involved, MH: ask VAN if this is even possible before getting people involved, LG will talk to Greg and put together a list of items for contract proposal
* Meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM