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HCTV Regular Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2017

Hardwick Community Television – Regular Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017
HCTV Board Members Present: Rachel Kane, Kurt Bos, Meredith Holch, Wiz Dow, Emily Lanxner
HCTV Staff: Leif Goldberg, Elizabeth Rossano
*Meeting called to order at 8:40 PM
*Minutes from April 2017 approved by Emily Lanxner, 2nd by Kurt Bos
Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
*Meredith questions extra revenue since last year, LG: capital spending down, revenues up slightly, Extra category made in 2017 budget for carryover revenues into Capital Expenses
*Motion to accept financial reports, MH 2nds motion, unanomous approval
Station Update by Leif
*Discussion about quorum for annual meeting: propose to change the requirement for number of public and members in attendance at Annual Meeting, and change the number of board members form 7 to 5, Wiz Dow proposes to give the bylaws a “haircut”, Rachel and Wiz will meet with Leif to make suggested revisions to bylaws for next meeting
*Bank stuff: LG moved onto the bank account with Kurt and Dave Mitchell, separate checking and savings accts, Wiz Dow suggests looking into online banking, such as Ally Bank for increased interest on savings, LG will research, further discussion next meeting, quickbooks and banking has been improved overall
*Sap Bucket development, Meredith: push to incorporate into Hazen athletics, to make it a goal for athletes to be recognized here, Front Porch Forum posts about it, Board needs to contribute to keep it going
*Discussion of staff hours, some changing schedules for the Fall
Comcast Contract
*Contract renewal set for February 2018, bring in Greg Elper-wood for fall meeting, what do we ask for from Comcast, LG proposes line extension to Greensboro, KB: live feed at theater, get Greensboro select board members and residents involved, MH: ask VAN if this is even possible before getting people involved, LG will talk to Greg and put together a list of items for contract proposal
* Meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM

HCTV Annual Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2017

Hardwick Community Television – Annual Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2017
HCTV Board Members Present: Rachel Kane, Kurt Bos, Meredith Holch, Wiz Dow, Emily Lanxner
HCTV Staff: Leif Goldberg, Jon Pepe, Elizabeth Rossano
Community Members: Griffin Lussier, Tracy Walters
*Meeting called to order at 7:57pm
*Minutes from 2016 Annual Mtg. approved by Emily Lanxner, 2nd by Wiz Dow
Station Report for annual meeting by Leif
*Hazen students progam is in motion, w/ goal to foster increased creativity and initiative, possibly a regular show- Hazen monthly report/newsletter. Create a structure for students (and teachers) to engage. Gave Sean McIntyre’s journalism class a tour of the station- further teacher/station involvement. Act 77 is pushing this relationship forward
*possible Sterling College outreach, more regular connection through Stand-Up with Rachel Stevens?
*Vid-Kids program: 1st Friday screening was well-attended, sept. 6 deadline for same VT Comm. Fund Grant, Rip is interested in continuing collaboration, possibly tour of NEK public libraries with kids program
*E-mail newsletter is being sent out when there’s news for our station, about 150 presently on list serve
Election of Officers
*Meredith Holch makes motion to nominate Rachel Kane, Kurt Bos and Emily Lanxner to the board for two-year terms, Tracy Walters 2nds, unanimous approval
*Meredith Holch intends to step down from the board at Oct. 2017 meeting
*Meredith Holch makes motion for Rachel Kane and Kurt Bos to continue as Chair and Treasurer, respectively, Emily Lanxer 2nds, unanimous approval
Community Comment
*Griffin likes the Sap Bucket, needs more involvement, Front Porch Forum posts?
*Public Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

HCTV Board Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2017

HCTV Board Meeting Minutes April 27, 2017 7 PM

7:00. Call meeting to order/ approve last meeting’s minutes
• ● Members present: Meredith H, Kurt B, Emily L., Rachel K. , Robin G., Leif G, Dave M, Elizabeth R (guest/HCTV employee)
• ● Motion to approve minutes from 1/11/17‐‐approved unanimously
Approve Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss
o ● Last year’s Hardwick appropriations do not show up in P&L or Balance sheet
o ● Appropriation $ don’t show until July‐November
o ● Grant funding of independent contractors $1500
o ● Special event $ = food for workshop participants
o ● Workmens compensation has gone down, LG paid it earlier than usual
o ● Motion to approve P&L‐‐approved unanimously
Balance Sheet
• ● Expenses down, revenue up = $13000 increase
• ● Motion to approve Balance sheet‐‐approved unanimously

Station Report
o ● Has been a busy quarter
o ● 25 basketball games plus playoffs and alumni games
o ● Lance Hall has been great
• ○ LG gave him a $75 gc to House of Pizza
• ○ Should we consider paying him?
o ● Considering baseball/so ball games
o ● A little harder to find sponsors for baseball/so ball
o ● Music events?
o ● Spring concerts at Hazen?
o ● VT congressional town hall mtg via VTPBS went well
o ● Two Hazen students have been coming down regularly
• ○ LG is working with them
• ○ Taped stand‐up presentation at Hazen, they did well
○ students taped Michael Bielawski interviews, will edit
• ● Vid‐kids workshop went well, not a lot of kids
o ○ Will produce video
o ○ Will show this summer during First Friday
• ● Bank issue…
o ○ LG has to use debit card but Kurt B’s name is on the card
o ○ Difficult to use bank card to purchase supplies
o ○ LG talked to Merchant’s bank, things should be made easier
o ○ Should we set up a separate account for supply expenditures
o ○ New account up to $2000?
o ○ pre‐loaded credit card?
o ○ Move all funds to a savings account or CD and put $2000 in checking account?
o ○ LG and KB will go to bank and see what method might work best and make necessary changes to allow LG to make purchases — report back next mtg or sooner
Comcast Contract Renewal 2018
• ● Our contract is up for renewal in Feb ‘18
• ● Greg E of VAN suggests that we hire him to come speak with us about how
we should go about this process
o ○ We should brainstorm ideas of what we would like to get from Comcast
o ○ Not too early to think about this except CPG has not been awarded yet and nothing can happen un later this has happened
o ○ MH says Greg is very knowledgeable and we should hire him
o ○ LG, should we form a sub‐commitee to brainstorm ideas for our wishlist?
o ○ Could we invite outsiders in to brainstorm?
o ○ Sub‐commitee should meet before our annual meeting
HCTV Staff and Board discussion
• ● New staff member, Elizabeth Rossano
• ● We have been very busy with meeting/events/interviews, etc., would be
nice to have her cover other meetings/events possibly using some of Jon P’s hours
• ● Morning office hours?
• ● Hopefully 10 hours per week for ER
• ● May need to re‐evaluate to up her hours…
● Board members may need re‐electing in July
Other business
• ● EL‐‐involved in multiple events, many opportunities for filming
○ Pollinators
○ Bats
• ● MH‐‐Forum for a Greater Hardwick, we should record this, May 17

Adjourn 8:43
Next meeting for 4th Thursday in July

Respectfully submitted,
David Mitchell
Hardwick Community Television

HCTV Board of Directors Meeting: January 11, 2017

HCTV Minutes: 1/11/17
Present: Kurt B, Rachel K, Leif G, Wiz Dow, Robin G, Emily L and Dave M
Called to order: 7:10 pm
Motion to Approve Minutes
● minutes approved unanimously
Balance Sheet
● Total assets = $61K
● Balance sheet approved unanimously
Profit & Loss Statement
● No questions
● P & L statement approved unanimously
2017 Budget
● Leif proposes that we move any surplus funds from previous years into Capital fund category
● Surplus move approved unanimously
● RG–we’ve been over for Executive Dir salary, should we up the line item to $12500?
● Should we up Ind. Contractor line item to $3000? Yes
● Should we increase Accountant line item? No
● Should we strike the Editorial line item? Yes
● Should we up Website Development line item to $500? Yes
● Projected repairs…$3000, is that a lot?? Oops, that is not supposed to be there…should
be in the capital equipment fund line item
● set Repairs to $250
● Board has decided to submit signatures to get on Hardwick Town warning…will decline
funds this year
● Budget approved unanimously
Station Report
● Requests from public to record Hazen school board mtgs
● Leif is training Emmett A to cover next basketball game
● Robin is available also to record mtgs
● Can board members be hired as ind. Contractors to work for HCTV? RG will find out…
● May want to ease into recording School board mtgs…let’s assess how it’s going after a
few meetings.
● Leif will talk to David K and let him know that we intend to record mtgs…
● Jen Olson contacted Leif about a couple of students interested in video production
● Sell “Local Lumps” video greetings, wishes, personal messages, run for a couple of weeks
● Could put submission form on website and pay with PayPal
● No commercial submissions allowed
● May need some disclaimer editing
Next meeting: ??? at 7:00pm Meeting adjourned 8:50