HCTV Board Minutes: April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018 Hardwick Memorial Bldg.
7:00 called to order

In Attendance: Rachel K, Kurt B, Leif G, Dave M, Wiz D

1. Approve Minutes from January meeting
● WD moves to approve, KB seconds…
● RK. was depreciation of equip list updated?
● LG all info is in accountant’s hands, no results yet
● Approved unanimously
2. Approve Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets
● WD moves to approve P & L and Balance statement, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
3. Discuss Revised Bylaws
● WD brings up wording of Article II Section 1 Membership
○ Approved
● Article II Section 4: Quorum & Voting…quorum is redundant
○ Approved
● Article III Section 9: Conflict of Interest…retitle section Contested Issues?
○ Remove/Reword Conflict of Interest statement wording to possibly allow employees to be a Board member
○ “All contested issues shall be settled according to policies adopted by the Board of Directors”
○ A policy “book” will be developed by the board, esp. concerning personnel issues
○ Wiz will rewrite and circulate via email
4. Discuss Conflict of Interest Policy
● Will address in changes to the Rules and Regulations
5. Discuss Conflict Resolution…borrowed version from Buffalo Mtn ● WD will edit and circulate via email
6. Tel-Vue Broadcast System
● LG is planning on signing off on this big expense
● New broadcast system for HCTV, allows us to stream in HD and transcode to SD on the fly
● WD moves to authorize LG to pursue purchase, KB seconds
● Approved unanimously
7. Station
● Trained 3 people, 1 is very active
● Got a donated computer from another TV station, works well
● Very busy, nine events scheduled this week
● Mr. Whiteway interview…very interesting piece…taking lots of time ●
8. Adjourn 8:41
Respectfully submitted by D. Mitchell
Report 8:30