HCTV Board Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2017

HCTV Board Meeting Minutes April 27, 2017 7 PM

7:00. Call meeting to order/ approve last meeting’s minutes
• ● Members present: Meredith H, Kurt B, Emily L., Rachel K. , Robin G., Leif G, Dave M, Elizabeth R (guest/HCTV employee)
• ● Motion to approve minutes from 1/11/17‐‐approved unanimously
Approve Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss
o ● Last year’s Hardwick appropriations do not show up in P&L or Balance sheet
o ● Appropriation $ don’t show until July‐November
o ● Grant funding of independent contractors $1500
o ● Special event $ = food for workshop participants
o ● Workmens compensation has gone down, LG paid it earlier than usual
o ● Motion to approve P&L‐‐approved unanimously
Balance Sheet
• ● Expenses down, revenue up = $13000 increase
• ● Motion to approve Balance sheet‐‐approved unanimously

Station Report
o ● Has been a busy quarter
o ● 25 basketball games plus playoffs and alumni games
o ● Lance Hall has been great
• ○ LG gave him a $75 gc to House of Pizza
• ○ Should we consider paying him?
o ● Considering baseball/so ball games
o ● A little harder to find sponsors for baseball/so ball
o ● Music events?
o ● Spring concerts at Hazen?
o ● VT congressional town hall mtg via VTPBS went well
o ● Two Hazen students have been coming down regularly
• ○ LG is working with them
• ○ Taped stand‐up presentation at Hazen, they did well
○ students taped Michael Bielawski interviews, will edit
• ● Vid‐kids workshop went well, not a lot of kids
o ○ Will produce video
o ○ Will show this summer during First Friday
• ● Bank issue…
o ○ LG has to use debit card but Kurt B’s name is on the card
o ○ Difficult to use bank card to purchase supplies
o ○ LG talked to Merchant’s bank, things should be made easier
o ○ Should we set up a separate account for supply expenditures
o ○ New account up to $2000?
o ○ pre‐loaded credit card?
o ○ Move all funds to a savings account or CD and put $2000 in checking account?
o ○ LG and KB will go to bank and see what method might work best and make necessary changes to allow LG to make purchases — report back next mtg or sooner
Comcast Contract Renewal 2018
• ● Our contract is up for renewal in Feb ‘18
• ● Greg E of VAN suggests that we hire him to come speak with us about how
we should go about this process
o ○ We should brainstorm ideas of what we would like to get from Comcast
o ○ Not too early to think about this except CPG has not been awarded yet and nothing can happen un later this has happened
o ○ MH says Greg is very knowledgeable and we should hire him
o ○ LG, should we form a sub‐commitee to brainstorm ideas for our wishlist?
o ○ Could we invite outsiders in to brainstorm?
o ○ Sub‐commitee should meet before our annual meeting
HCTV Staff and Board discussion
• ● New staff member, Elizabeth Rossano
• ● We have been very busy with meeting/events/interviews, etc., would be
nice to have her cover other meetings/events possibly using some of Jon P’s hours
• ● Morning office hours?
• ● Hopefully 10 hours per week for ER
• ● May need to re‐evaluate to up her hours…
● Board members may need re‐electing in July
Other business
• ● EL‐‐involved in multiple events, many opportunities for filming
○ Pollinators
○ Bats
• ● MH‐‐Forum for a Greater Hardwick, we should record this, May 17

Adjourn 8:43
Next meeting for 4th Thursday in July

Respectfully submitted,
David Mitchell
Hardwick Community Television