HCTV Board of Directors Meeting August 23, 2016

Present: Kurt Bos, Nancy Kellogg, Rachel Kane, Leif Goldberg, John Pepe, Emily Lanxner and Dave Mitchell, Wiz Dow, Robin Grant, Meredith Holch

Called to order: 7:20 pm

Motion to Approve Minutes
● Clarification of HED mtg recordings
● approved unanimously

Balance Sheet–
● Assets are organized!
● Payroll section is problematic
○ May need to be rebuilt from ground up
○ May need another Quickbooks “expert” to clean up this section

Profit & Loss Statement
● Unemployment Insurance?–we’re exempt
● Will notify Hazel that we don’t need UI
● Approved unanimously

Station Director’s Report
● Leif is working with Hazel Greaves to get QuickBooks set up correctly
● Some frustration here…may need to bring in QuickBooks “expert”…
● Made $435 at coin drop!

Meeting Recessed at 7:51 for Annual meeting

Meeting called back to order 8:46pm

Station Director’s Report cont’d.
● Lance Hall will announce some soccer games
● Local elections may stimulate interest for interviews of candidates
● Mike Reis of GMATV is in talks with HCTV to do technical contracting and moving HCTV to a web-based broadcast system to broadcast remotely…much $$. LG wants to continue to consider this possibility…agreed

Elected Officers:
● President: Rachel Kane
● Treasurer: Kurt Bos
● Vice-Chair: Corrinna Colson
● Secretary: Dave Mitchell

Next meeting: October 27 at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned 9:11


HCTV Annual Meeting

called to order: 7:51pm

Election of new officers for two-year terms:

David Mitchell (educational representative)
Wiz Dow (gov’t representative)
Robin Grant
Meredith Holch

Adjourned at 8:46pm